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Are You Prepared For Hurricane Season?

ThinkstockPhotos 87822396The following is an excerpt from the NOAA Central Pacific Hurricane Center Press Release:

“On May 26, 2015, the Central Pacific Hurricane Center (CPHC) announced that climate conditions point to an above-normal hurricane season in the Central Pacific Basin this year....The CPHC expects 5 to 8 tropical cyclones to affect the Central Pacific this season. An average season has 4-5 tropical cyclones, which include tropical depressions, tropical storms and hurricanes.”

June 1 officially marked the start of Hurricane season in Hawaii. Are you ready? Not only should you check your hurricane preparedness supplies and equipment, you should also review your hurricane insurance coverage ahead of time.

Most insurance companies will prohibit you from making any changes to your policies once a natural disaster warning/watch is issued, so be sure to:

• Review and understand your policy coverage for your home, auto or business
• Make sure you have sufficient coverage
• Know when or if you should obtain additional personal property or loss of use coverage

Not sure where to start? Contact Blaine Hedani of the Member Insurance Group at 518-8005 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set up an appointment to review your current insurance policies.


Member Insurance Group, LLC is an independent agency of Pyramid Insurance. Insurance services offered through Members Insurance Group, LLC is under separate ownership from Hawaii Central Federal Credit Union.

Be Prepared Before You Travel: 10 Useful Travel Tips


Summer is one of the busiest traveling times of the year. The excitement of an upcoming trip may cause us to forget basic important must do’s before traveling. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, planning ahead and making a check list will save you from the stress and frustration in the event of an emergency situation. At Hawaii Central Federal Credit Union (HCFCU) we want you to have a safe and healthy trip.


Here are a few tips that may help:

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How To Tell If Your ID Has Been Hacked

The 2013 Identity Fraud Report from Javelin Strategy & Research, Pleasanton, Calif., revealed that almost one of four consumers who received a data breach letter became a victim of identity theft. The same study revealed that consumers who had their Social Security number compromised in a data breach were five times more likely to be a fraud victim than the average consumer.

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Tips To Avoid ATM Skimmers

  • Use the same ATM as often as possible, so you will know if anything about it looks fishy.
  • If the ATM or card reader at a gas pump looks unusual—cracked, loose, scratched, or taped—don’t use it.
  • When possible, use indoor ATMs, which are harder for thieves to tamper with.
  • When entering your PIN on the keypad, cover the keypad with your free hand to block the view of any potential camera.

Check your account often. If you notice any unusual activity, contact us at 536-3677 immediately.