Virtual Branch® Home Banking Services provides you with better, more convenient access to your accounts than ever before…24 hours a day, any day of the year! With Virtual Branch®, you can check your balances, transfer funds and make loan payments.

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Account Inquiry

With Virtual Branch, you can get the balance for any of your listed accounts (checking, savings, money market accounts and many more) on a simple consolidated account list. Your balance information is delivered with up-to-the-minute accuracy. In addition, you can check other important information like your next payment date on loans and dividend information on investments.

Transfer Funds

You can move funds from one account to another by doing an immediate or future one-time transfers or by scheduling a re-occurring transfer. You are also able to make loan payments or advance funds from your Line of Credit (if available). Every transfer is assigned a unique confirmation number to make it easy to verify the transaction.
Review your transfers, change or cancel a scheduled transfer. You can review your transfer history for the last 18 months in four different ways-transfer confirmation number, account name, transfer date or transfer amount.

Bill Payment

Bill Payment offers an alternative to the traditional method of paying bills. Instead of writing a check and mailing the payment to the merchant, you can schedule all your payments through Internet Bill Payment. Use the Bill Payment function to schedule payments to merchants, review and change scheduled payments, and review payment history. Payments can be scheduled for the next business day or anytime thereafter, and each payment is assigned a confirmation number to help you keep track of your payment history. These features make Bill Payment an excellent record keeper.

Check Imaging

View images of your cleared checks with free check imaging. Virtual Branch Home banking users can save and/or print images of their cleared checks from any computer. In your Share Draft account history, check numbers will appear as a clickable link that will allow you to view the front and back of your checks.